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Scarlet Shinra
12 August
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My name is Scarlet Shinra and I am in charge of the Weapons Development Division here at Shinra, Inc. To contact me regarding sales, research, development or employment, you can leave a message with my secretary at 313-099-8776. If you are seeking employment, please be aware that Shinra, Inc. employs only the top graduates from the world's most respected universities before attempting to secure an application. In most cases, we recruit graduates rather than review applications.

To contact me regarding a personal matter, you may email me at ScarletShinra@hotmail.com, or leave a comment here on this journal. I can also be reached on AIM (ScarletShinra1). Please be aware that I keep a very busy schedule and oftentimes cannot respond to personal inquiry in a terribly punctual manner.

A Brief Biography
I was born in Midgar and raised in the city until age six, when I was sent to St. Claire's Boarding School for Girls in Kalm. It is a most prestigious institution, and I was educated there until the age of sixteen, when I enrolled at Junon Military Academy, two years early due to scholastic achievement. At Junon I immediately developed a talent for ballistic engineering, and helped my elder professors design the Worley 7-33 rapid-fire canon, which was used in Wutai during the war. After four years at Junon I graduated with high honors and was offered a teaching position, but chose to forgo that opportunity in favor of working for my father's company, Shinra, Inc.

After working in the Weapons Development Division for two years, I was promoted to head of the department. I now have fifteen engineers and twenty research assistants working under me. Our current research involves the use of mako as both ammunition and power supply, and our major customer remains my alma matter, Junon, though we also supply weapons to other Shinra-run companies throughout the world. We are also always working on improved intelligence in the security bots that patrol our reactors.

On a more personal note, I enjoy water-skiing, fine dining and the theater, particularly opera.

My Schedule
If you need to find me during the day, here is a typical time-frame:
6:00-7:00AM: Working out in the Shinra gym on floor 64 of Shinra Tower. Do not disturb me during this time unless there is a serious emergency.
7:00-8:00AM: Showering, etc. Do not disturb me during this time unless you desire a most painful death.
8:00AM-5:00PM: Working. These are my official office hours; however, I am often in the office long past 5:00. My office number is 665, on the 66th floor of the Tower. You will need special security clearance to enter this floor. Please note that I can often be found on the 49th floor in the weapons drafting room during the day, working with my staff.
5:00PM-Midnight: My evenings are typically spent in my penthouse apartment on the 70th floor of the building. Again, security clearance is needed to enter the floor, but I can be reached at 313-866-7445, or you can simply dial 7445 if you are calling from within the building. Please consider the importance of the matter before calling me late at night; I am often absorbed in research and do not like to be disturbed.

*Note - If I am extremely, deliriously bored during the evening, there is a chance that you will find me, begrudgingly, in the Turks' Employee Lounge on floor 61.